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The Toasted Oat’s soft & chewy granola has old-fashioned flavors, authentically good-for-you ingredients, & absolutely no agenda other than tasting amazing & making you feel great. Unlike some other granolas we could name, The Toasted Oat Granola is stop-you-in-your-tracks delicious … more like a crumbled cookie than a big batch of dry bland-in-a-box.

Inspired by the goodness that came out of our kitchens when we were kids, it’s pure baked nostalgia with a nod to modern-day… gluten-free, oven-baked from scratch [not processed] in small batches, & ready to enjoy whenever you are.

Real food. Real easy. Really, really delicious!


Founder Erika Boll’s love of baking started when she was a little girl hanging out in her Grandmother Margaret’s kitchen. At the age of 33, Erika was diagnosed with Celiac disease & her avocation underwent a seismic shift. All those cookies . . . all those cakes . . . all those amazing baked goods she had learned to bake, & perfect, & love . . . all had to be completely recreated to be gluten-free or never be enjoyed again.

Since to Erika the latter option was, quite simply, unthinkable, she took to the kitchen & The Toasted Oat was born. Made from exceptional, real ingredients, every Toasted Oat item is free of additives, free of anything artificial, & completely & totally free of gluten.

Heritage recipes made modern is what The Toasted Oat is all about. Wholesome indulgence is not only encouraged, but actually good for you.