Top 10 gluten free finds, named by New Hope Media at Natural Products Expo East

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ToastedOat granola
The Toasted Oat named in the Top 10 gluten free finds at the National Products Expo!

Gluten-free foods maintained their phenomenal growth curve at Natural Products Expo East 2014. These days, it almost feels de rigueur for a natural-foods item to tout a gluten-free certification.

And glory be: The days of “just good enough” or cardboard-texture gluten-free foods are truly a distant memory. Delicious, excellent-texture offerings are now standard, thanks to ongoing manufacturing innovation and increasing use of nutrient-rich, real-food ingredients.

These 10 foods spotted on the show floor are just a small sampling of the many worthy gluten-free finds featured at Natural Products Expo East. What were your favorites?

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Toasted Oat triumphs with gluten-free granola – Columbus Dispatch

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Eric Albrecht | Dispatch Photos

Columbus Dispatch Article by Liz Young
A Columbus gluten-free granola company is about to make the jump from a small, local brand to a regional name on store shelves far beyond its home turf.

The Toasted Oat was started about a year ago by Erika Boll, fresh out of a career in retail merchandising. She was looking for a new enterprise to allow her a better work-life balance, she said, so she took her grandmother’s granola recipe, made it gluten-free and began marketing it.

“I went into this obviously with the target market of just the gluten-free community,” said Boll, who also appreciates the product because of her own dietary challenges. “But what we have found is everybody loved it.”

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The Toasted Oat closer to going national, thanks to $25,000 Ohio Chamber prize

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Erika Boll, founder and president of The Toasted Oat and winner of the 2014 Ohio Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, was in disbelief when she was told in April that she had won the honor.

“I was like, ‘No way!’” says Boll. “I couldn’t believe it. I think I said, ‘Really? I can’t believe it!’ and they said, ‘Really. We tried the product, and it was fabulous.’”

Boll’s Ohio-born-and-raised grandmother, whose granola recipe inspired the chewy, gluten-free versions manufactured by The Toasted Oat, most certainly would have been proud.

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