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The Tastemakers


Erika’s family is known for having a sweet tooth [or teeth]. Gatherings are always topped off with a indulgent treat — baked from scratch & shared. Erika’s grandfather Steve’s famous reply to the often asked question, “Cake or pie?” “Yes.” We couldn’t agree more, Grandpa. Our family of tastemakers is keeping the spirit alive.

Recipe No. 47
Apricot Shortbread
  • Tom Kelley, born 1947
  • CFO & father of founder, Erika Boll
  • Original granola recipe crafted by his mother, Margaret Osborn Kelley
  • Favorite Nut: Cashews
  • Favorite Sweet: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, always in multiples.
  • Sun or Ski: Ski
  • Favorite pastime: Travel, & spoiling grandkids & daughter Erika, of course!
Recipe No. 66
Macadamia Chunk
  • John Boll, born 1966
  • Official brand cheerleader, & husband to founder Erika Boll
  • Favorite Nut: Almonds. Although he calls them Pecans, LOL!
  • Favorite Sweet: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
  • Sun or Ski: Golf. Wait, what was the question?
  • Favorite pastime: Golf
Recipe No. 73
Blueberry Cobbler
  • Erika Kelley Boll, born 1973
  • Favorite Nut: Cashews (but allergic) so Almonds!
  • Favorite Sweet: Blueberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sun or Ski: Both
  • Favorite pastime: Baking GF treats & walking Labradoodle Maggie aka “Mary Margaret”
Recipe No. 94
  • Taylor Boll, born 1994
  • Fellow gluten-free warrior, & stepdaughter to founder Erika Boll
  • Favorite Nut: Mixed
  • Favorite Sweet: Cherry pie
  • Sun or Ski: Sun. Always. Maybe it’s the Raynaud’s Syndrome?
  • Favorite pastime: Traveling. The longer the flight, the better!
Recipe No. 01
The Original
  • Margaret Kelley, born 1919
  • Loving and dedicated mother, grandmother, & wife to grandpa Steve
  • Margaret loved to bake &, perhaps even more, she loved sharing her treats with family & friends. She was constantly whipping up cookies, pies, breads, & of course, granola! Then, with treats wrapped so tightly they could survive a trip to the moon (think aluminum foil, a couple of Ziploc bags & a bare minimum of two rubber bands), she was off to distribute her devotion to her six children & their families.
  • We love you, Grandma, & we are on a mission to share your treats, the same way you would have!
  • Image: Cira 1973, Grandma Margaret with Erika
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