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Before we pull out the comforting family recipes that inspire our products . . . before we mix or make anything . . . before we even turn our oven on, we carefully select our ingredients. Our overall food philosophy is that simple foods not only taste better, they’re better for you, so only the finest ingredients will do.

We hand-craft our own brown sugar so that the rich caramel color is natural, not added artificially. We sweeten our granola with honey for its pure, unprocessed goodness. We hand-chop premium whole, raw nuts & add them in before baking so that their healthful oils are released while they cook. And we only use superior, nutrient-rich, sweet cream butter.

We follow a “from scratch, small batch” philosophy, individually measuring each ingredient, hand-mixing every bowl, & baking by the tray. The result is more than a treat — it’s a wholesome indulgence that can brighten your mood, improve your energy, & leave you content with the knowledge that what you’re eating is real, good food . . . pure & simple.

Gluten-Free Certified Oats

[Purity Protocol]

Saigon Cinnamon

Non-GMO Sweet Cream Butter


Hand-Crafted Brown Sugar with Organic Blackstrap Molasses

Golden Flax Seed Meal

Non-GMO White Chocolate Chips


Organic Turkish Apricots

Organic Wildflower Honey

[True Source Certified]

Macadamia Nuts


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

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