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Columbus Dispatch: The Toasted Oat triumphs with gluten-free granola

Columbus Dispatch: The Toasted Oat triumphs with gluten-free granola

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Eric Albrecht | Dispatch Photos

Columbus Dispatch Article by Liz Young
A Columbus gluten-free granola company is about to make the jump from a small, local brand to a regional name on store shelves far beyond its home turf.

The Toasted Oat was started about a year ago by Erika Boll, fresh out of a career in retail merchandising. She was looking for a new enterprise to allow her a better work-life balance, she said, so she took her grandmother’s granola recipe, made it gluten-free and began marketing it.

“I went into this obviously with the target market of just the gluten-free community,” said Boll, who also appreciates the product because of her own dietary challenges. “But what we have found is everybody loved it.”

Read the full article by Liz Young here

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